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Postpartum training for 15 days

  • 15Days
  • 30Steps


An Efficient At-Home Workout - Achieve your body goals step by step with the help of our fitness sliders! This equipment comes with a 30-day training program for anyone who wants to look better and feel stronger. Everything Within an App - Access your fitness routine with just a few taps! Now, you can strengthen your core muscles using our sliders and app to guide you. Your Own Virtual Coach - Our program also comes with a fitness coach that will send you a push notification for the daily video, giving you a regular reminder and self-accountability. Train at Your Own Schedule - The program's daily 10-minute training sessions can be done using our portable device that fits into any bag. If you're too busy for an hour-long workout, this is definitely for you. Targets Various Body Areas - This unique fitness equipment that includes a slider and rubber bands help target almost every area of your body. Click 'Add to Cart now and stick to your fitness plan with Swishwish!

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