Full Body  Workout

One Product

SWISHSWISH 15 |  Professional Resistance Bands for Workouts at Home

we developed a revolutionary easy to use  product that will improve your health and well being

in only 15 minutes of daily use!

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What will you Receive

The swishwish|15 professional training kit includes a set of compact cushions and grips, an improved design for all body types , premium rubber resistance straps, a comprehensive usage guide, and an elegant fabric case.


Product Quality :

The product is made from high-quality abrasion-resistant materials that ensure strength and  durability over time.

What body type is SWISHWISH|15 right for.

Unlike competing products, swishwish | 15 has comfortable grips that can be adapted to a wide range of body types. The structure of the product is simple, easy to use, and allows performing a wide range of exercises.


How can I improve with SWISHWISH|15

Our kit is recommended for improving posture, strengthening core muscles, triceps, abs and thighs - everything you need for a nicer and healthier physique!

Who is SWISHWISH|15 suitable for: 

Everyone. It doesnt matter where you are on your fitness journey .Athletes, amateurs, young or old  . This product will allow you to take your health leaps forward with 

simple but powerful and effective exercises.


Where can I train with SWISHWISH|15

   Anywhere. Train at the Park, at home, at the office, or on the beach The kit is lightweight, elegant, and suitable for carrying anywhere

Short Workouts  - Incredible Results:

 A 15 minute daily workout with swishwish|15  is exactly what you need to get a healthy toned body  

It has never been easier to invest in your health


& At an Affordable Price

Sale Price

- 64$ -

* Coupon Code:  CORE15 *

Excellent Value

A Daily 15 min workout with 



A healthier body and a better life

Free Courses

 Unlimited access to a reservoir of guided video courses and potential uses of the product   

This is the time to take responsibility for your health 

The power is in your hands!

Coupon Code: CORE15

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